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Continuous support is what keeps us going for longer.

Whether and individual, small business, media provider, or a corporate, there are many ways to support us and the various causes we are promoting.

1- It starts with following our social media accounts and spreading the good word. Every like or click could get us closer to achieving our goal.

2- We are often in need of products and services that could match your line of supply as a small business owner or a department manager. If you are interested in our wish list of products and services let us know and we will share it with you.

3- We have a corporate program that includes involving your staff in our work as a form of professional support that we often require as we are short staffed. In addition, we have several sponsorship packages to support our work and these run on a not for profit basis and are monitored.

Whatever the form of support you can offer, we are forever thankful.

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