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#ITHANK Campaign
By Alnowair

We are very excited to announce this great campaign organized by Alnowair initiative,
Join this amazing campaign by Alnowair and read more or visit their site;
“We all have our share of bad days; we can get grumpy, sad or even angry. One of the simplest and most effortless habits to live a more positive life is to take a minute or two every day and focus on the wonder that life is. There are a gazillion reasons for us to be grateful, let’s start from our very own heart, every time our heart beats a miracle happens, every heartbeat thousands of mechanisms fall in the right place to combine and give us life!! Isn’t that reason enough for us to be grateful?
Thank you – two words that unite; that strengthen friendships; that give expression to feelings and most important two words that help us realize the importance of someone.
Life can be busy, it can be fast. It can also be comfortable, easy and endearing. No matter how it turns out we all have someone to help make it all worth it right? This month let’s take some time off to find these people and tell them how grateful we are to them.
So to make sharing our gratitude fun we are distributing free #ITHANK post-its at Caribou Coffee outlets, the post-its are a quick, cute, creative way of showing your gratitude towards someone or something. So go out there grab your copy and start posting thanks and spreading the message. It would be awesome if you experiment, go creative and discover your own way of saying thank you through the post-its.
We also have some really exciting activities planned up for you this Ramadan,

Find us starting from the 14/07 till 27/07
Marina Mall – Dome & Bridge
Al Hamra – Mezzanine

Alnowair team”

Choose the volunteering day that suites you to volunteer own our events calendar
If you don’t have time to volunteer, at least visit this event and fill your life with positivity

Gratitude Campaign by Alnowair- #ITHANK